Listen To Your Dog

Dogs are very smart animals, they have found ways to communicate with us so all we have to do is pay attention to them and learn their language.

I have five Yorkie mixed dogs and they all tell me different things. Teardrop is perhaps our best communicator. When she wants something she will get up beside me and stair at me without moving. She looks very serious and let me play with her,she just stairs at me until I ask her “what do you want” then she get excited, gets back on the floor and dances around wanting me to get up and go with her to get her whatever she is needing. Usually I will find the food or water dish empty.

Our dog Harley does it differently he will move the empty dish all over the floor making noise with it until we take notice of what he is doing and fix the problem. I think the other three dogs let Harley and Teardrop do all the major communicating and they reap the rewords.

All of our dogs are supper protectors, nothing or no one cam get close to the house without them sounding the alarm. Yes it is a knowing at times but we appreciate there warnings.

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